Top 10 PUBG Mobile players

I don’t like emulator players who portray that they get separate lobby from mobile players, which is totally FALSE.

The emulator players also affect the rankings of others who are toiling hard in PUBG Mobile. Playing with mouse and keyboard is comparatively easy than playing on a hand held device.

There is no separate rank list for mobile and emulator players. So no mention of MDisCrazy, Dynamo Gaming, Carryminati, Shreeman Legend or Cosmic Gaming.

For me, these are the top 10 PUBG Mobile players

  1. RRQD2E – His team won the star challenge. He has his YouTube channel where he showcases his crazy reflexes. He is also a tactical player, which is a treat to watch.maxresdefault.jpg
  2. Cloud9_Rolex – This man really knows how to play. He is the only pure thumb player in this list, which makes him even more awesome.txdkhovv_400x400
  3. Athena Gaming This man is the God of reflexes. He shreds squads like no other. You better kill him with a head shot. If he spotted you while shooting, you are dead.
  4. Hyper_Coffin – This man knows how to kill people, strategically or with pure skill. This man is a beast.
  5. BiuBiuMade his channel only recently and he picked up really fast. A Malaysian who is learning English. A very good player.maxresdefault (2).jpg
  6. SouL_Vicky – the leader of the clan. I got many times with a match with him. He was alone in his squad. We had a tough time killing him. A underrated player because his gameplay isn’t recorded.
  7. MortaL – Already got viral in Indian gaming circuit. He made Dp-28 popular. He is more of a strategic player rather than a skillful player.maxresdefault (3).jpg
  8. CrEeEpy– You won’t know him as he doesn’t record his gameplay. He is my conqueror partner with the same ID. In season 3, he had a K/D of 16. This man is a close range God.qm2pewuzsol11
  9. Xcaliburelite – If you are a player of season 3, this man was ruling the squad wins section with a consistent top 5 ranks in Asia. He is a friend with a K/D of 7 with over 600 squad games.
  10. LO_Richie – He is a friend of Rolex who plays quite well with AR and sniper. He is the clan member of Powerbang Gaming known as Lights Out.

I don’t watch PUBG PC streaming that much. But goes without saying Shroud, ChocoTaco, Just9n, Lurn, Wadu are my favourite players.

– by Piyush Srivastava

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