Hardware Requirements for PUBG Mobile

Hardware Requirements for PUBG Mobile

(as of 2019 January)


2–3GB free internal storage (so that goes without saying at least 16GB of internal storage)
Fast internet speeds (speed doesn’t matter much but ping aka latency does)
2GB of RAM.
At least a Snapdragon 430+ (for playing with Smooth settings with ~15–25fps)

While PUBG Mobile will start with these settings, you can’t play anything remotely decently on these specs. You should try PUBG Lite instead.


64GB of internal storage (please, don’t buy the cheaper variants, 32GB is really not enough. In my phone with not that many apps and a memory card to keep my photos, I have around 32GB full)

Broadband connection with WiFi which gives around 180% – 250% the sync rate.

A Decent Snapdragon 630+.

With the aforementioned settings, you can get pretty decent playability.

Some extra tips:

PUBG Corp has banned GFX Tools, i.e. they will ban you if they can detect any GFX Tools. But I use it for like 2 months now. But there’s a technique that I use it. (at your own risk of course)

install PUBG. Now, run it once, this will configure the file. Now force close it.

Then use GFX tool. And start PUBG. Then close the gfx tool. Don’t keep the GFX tool in background. They can’t check a list of apps on android, But there are ways to check if a particular app is running in background.

Keep your setting to Smooth. A Snapdragon 636/660 can push HDR on Erangel at 60fps but HDR is way too beautiful to get kills. I used to play HD and now I play at Smooth. Because that way you get much higher battery life and much more consistent frame rate across all the maps.

you can indeed stream them on the recommended settings, but I don’t recommend playing at Extreme (60) frame rate while streaming. It gets hot and glitchy (frameskip while AWMing is a terrible idea)

Also use a external video capture card if you really want to stream (because unrooted devices can’t record audio)

What I use: Asus Zenfone Max Pro M1 with GFX Tool: Yes. I don’t recommend it but I do use it. 30fps and 60fps is a huge difference. From an average survive time from 16mins with 58% Top 10 rate, I went to have a 20mins avg survival time with 65%+ Top 10 rate after GFX tools.

Why should you keep your setting to smooth?

I could have spotted this enemy had I used smooth.

By Sohan Basak


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