Top 7 reasons why PUBG is getting popular day by day

  • High quality and real experience

You must realize the resolution and graphic of this game is so good despite of playing in a mobile handset. This game provides a good platform for enjoying especially for young boys. This game can’t be compare to other mobile version games hitherto. Maybe, in future more games will come like pubg but until then it is one of the best quality and compatible game.

  • Small things make it special

“Doesn’t matter if you are beginner or an expert, you always come empty hands in the world”, “Before you die in a game, you would knock down where only your team partners can save you”, “If you shoot without suppressor, you will reveal your location”. Many more small things make this game more beautiful and popular. Maybe, there are lots of games who have broad themes of fighting with guns and ammo. But in pubg, the lots of small things make it special.

  • Platform for showing fighting skill

In general, this game has been loved by the community which we call “Youngster boys”. They love fighting whenever they get chance. So when this platform provides a medium to express their aggression , who would miss this chance? This is an inherent nature of manhood.

  • Not spend a single penny

You would not need to spend a single penny to enjoy this game. This game is totally free and there maybe less possibility of being hacked so just enjoy the game. In mobile where people less to tend to buy costly games, Pubg works as an alternative Choice.

  • So many choices

At each aspect of this game provides you many choices. You can choose in between guns, from SMG, AR, Shotgun , pistol and Sniper to bombs and pan. Whichever dress or hairstyle you like have available in the game. Even you set the map – Erangel to Sanhok. Choices give us freedom and everyone loves freedom.

  • Many modes of a single game

From classic to Arcade, there are lots of mode available in this game according to your mood. If you want a quick match, then Arcade is available, even it has included four options. Whatever you want to play, just set it. The classical version available if you have more leisure time. Here, you will enjoy four different types of maps.

  • Team game

People love playing those game in which they have to make teams like Mini militia is a good example. Pubg being popular because it has the feature of Team so they can play it with friends and known. Even, you can add your friends and known to play simultaneously in same team. It makes this game unprecedented popular so much.

Let’s eat – winner winner chicken dinner


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