Reason : Why has PUBG Mobile been lagging after Vikendi map update?

PUBG Mobile has been driven by greed lately.

They are more focused on cool outfits and gun skins.

They try to milk the Royale Pass feature which costs 600 or 1800 UC.

They have mostly let the game to free fall after the Vikendi map update.

The reasons why the game is lagging:

  • Vikendi map is drunk on graphics.
    • It takes a shit load of space and graphics requirement to play Vikendi smoothly.
  • As I already mentioned, the administration of PUBGM has changed their priority to money.
    • They are fairly keen in sponsoring big YouTubers like Powerbang to make a crate-opening video and motivating viewers to buy more UC (in-game version of money).
  • There are many bugs in Vikendi Map.
    • There are many flying logs. You cannot climb on many houses in Vikendi. It is still in beta. I wonder why they didn’t roll out a finished version. Probably, they wanted to mint more money by launching it before Christmas.
  • They are just running a business and rarely acknowledge their in-game report setting.
    • How many of you actually saw a difference in your gameplay when you used the in-game report setting. I bet, nothing! The game has stopped hearing their feedbacks and come up with new crate- Premium, Secret, Vikendi crate, Lucky crate.
    • I wish there was something like a – “Game-improvement Crate.”

-by Aman Khanna


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