Differences between PUBG mobile and PUBG

I was active on PUBG mobile from the day it was launched on android, played it for first 3 months and after that, I bought PUBG on pc as it was summer sale going on. From previous 7 months, I am active on pc only. So, I find myself eligible to answer this question.

  • There is a huge difference in graphics. Even lowest graphics on pc looks better than medium graphics on mobile.

I’ve taken screenshots from both devices at the same location. Both are kept at lowest possible graphics.

In pubgm 

In pubg pc

  • There are minor differences in interiors of all houses in Erangel. Like there are some additional walls and doors added inside some houses. (Bigger rooms are divided into smaller multiple rooms)
  • You’ll meet a lot of friends on pubgm. While you’ll hardly meet 2–3 in-game people who you actually know in real life.(in pc)
  • Resolution on mobile ranges from 480p to 720p. (some people may argue here, but its actually true). While on pc, it ranges from 720p to 1080p.
  • FPS limit on mobile is 60fps. (Even after certain tweaks, it won’t go above 60). While on pc, 60fps is considered as unplayable. I usually get 90–100fps and maximum of 136fps. (It even reaches 300+ if you’ve a beast pc)
  • Pubg on mobile hardly even touches 2GB mark, while on pc it’s whooping 19GB. Even major updates on mobile are around 1–1.5GB, while a major update on pc means atleast 10GB. (15GB when vikendi was released.)
  • Pubg mobile is much better than pc when it comes to data packet loss. On pubgm, one can easily hit under 30ms ping while its difficult to get under 70ms ping on pc even after using LAN. (It’s for India, for australia its 25ms)
  • Pubg pc has an additional training map named as Camp Jackal. Its quite bigger than the training map on mobile.
  • There are 3 extra modes in pc. (They’re pretty useless though)
  • The recoil of any gun on mobile is pretty small and is easily controllable. While on pc, recoil control is one of the hardest thing to master. (I bet, even if you’re a pro in pubgm, you won’t be able to perform a simple looking 100 metre spray; the recoil is uncontrollable.)
  • While bots are added to pubgm to make gameplay easier, pc version doesn’t have a single bot.
  • On mobile, you’ll play with opponents of comparable ranks. Whereas, there is no such thing in pc, you might find shroud killing people, if you play in his server. (I’ve played with some popular youtube/twitch streamer also, such as rakazone and sikhwarrior; Your rank doesn’t matter here while matchmaking)
  • Since because of above point, everyone here is pro. Trust me when I say that I hardly notice any noobs here. (hardly 40–50 noobs in previous 150–200 rounds)
  • You’ll see footprints, bullet marks and vehicle positions on map on mobile. There’s nothing such thing on pc. Everything is sound-centric. (you have rely to sound only.)
  • Even below-average earphones would also work for pubg mobile. While in pc, its too much difficult to track positions even with a mid-level casual headphones. I’ve spent too much money on a 7.1 surround gaming headphones just because of that.
  • Ever wanted to experience how we track positions, using just sound. Cover the ‘map part’ of the mobile with a opaque paper and then tape it properly and then try to play. (It might look silly, but take it as a challenge)
  • The replay feature in pc is more than awesome. You can properly analyse how you were killed. and what other persons were doing while you’re looting.
  • You can chill in parachute before landing on ground. Yes, you heard that right, once, I landed on ground after ALIVE 29! This is a secret method to loot the first air drop.
  • There are many features which are not in pc, but are added in mobile to make gameplay easier. Like, auto pickup, auto-open doors, weapons having by-default auto mode on, follow teammates while diving, in-game chat, etc are not in pc.
  • There is a legendary 15x scope also which is air-drop exclusive. A screenshot from 15x:-
  • Desync in pc is a major reason for slow death of pubg. Dying to desync is like getting punished for things, you’re not responsible.
  • Hackers are real in pubg pc. And the admins are responsive also. Once I reported a player for using wall hack, and he got permanently banned from the game.


PUBG PC is pure physics engine, while PUBG mobile is more playable version of it.

PUBGM might be a fun game, but PUBG PC is surely a horror game.

-by Pulkit Midha


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