Top 5 mind-blowing facts about PUBG Mobile | You must know.

  1. PUBG Mobile’s addiction was declared a gaming disorder by NIMHANS in India after WHO declared its excessive gaming as ‘serious mental health condition.’
  2. When Royale Pass was introduced in PUBG Mobile, it boosted the company’s revenues by 365%!
  3. PUBG Mobile moderators have not been shy to ban players. In one day, they have banned more than 30,000 people. Just recently they banned 12 pros from PUBGM.
  4. PUBGM is responsible for the growth of many gaming channels in India like Dynamo Gaming. He has added more than a million subscribers since the launch of PUBGM in India. Most of his subs are Indian.
  5. PUBGM conducted Campus championship, first ever in India, with collaboration of OPPO mobile phones. It was a huge success for them.

PUBGM is a prime example that shows freemium model works wonders in India.


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