10 laws of Manhood.

  1. ‘Class’ over ‘Swag’
  2. Never be the first one to punch. But make sure you break a jaw or two when the fistfight starts.
  3. Stop pursuing her after a NO. No chases, or stalking, or messaging, or trying again and again.
  4. Learn to say NO. Whether it is the boss at office, or a girl at a bar.
  5. Know your cologne or deo well, and stick with them. Avoid flower fragrances and chocolate.
  6. Every once in a while, when you face a situation which forces you to come out of your comfort shell— say “F*ck it!” and do it anyway.
  7. Scour the Internet and look for hair & beard styles that agree with your face type.
  8. Once you find a gifted barber, stick with him. He knows your hair & beard better than your girlfriend.
  9. Career = Relationship = Family = Yourself; make time for all and don’t ignore any of them.
  10. Writing is the best meditation.


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