The best outfit in PUBG Mobile?

Many pros who don’t stream wear very subtle clothes. They have an appearance that makes them difficult to detect.

Some tips on the appearance of your player –

1.Always have a female body in PUBG Mobile. Don’t take your manliness to your heart. This move is strategic. Although male and female characters have similar hitboxes, female characters are slightly harder to detect due to the differences in body frames.


2.Change the body colour of your character depending on the map you want to excel in. It is better to have a slightly darker character in Erangel and a lighter character in Vikendi. Darker characters are comparatively difficult to detect in the grass while pruning.

Now coming to the clothes…

  1. Many people prefer ghillie suits, I usually don’t – Grass covered in Erangel/husk covered in Miramar/White or husk covered in Vikendi. I personally chose to wear ghillie suit only on some occasions not all. Ghillie is usually helpful in final circles. I don’t prefer ghillie at the start of the game as it makes a person pop out to enemies from far.
  2. Don’t wear light coloured clothes in any map except Vikendi. People often wear the flashy white suit which makes them easier for enemies to see them.
    I personally played on a budget phone, Xiaomi Note 4, so all these small things mattered to me.

So if you ask me ideal clothes that may give you a slight advantage over others will be:

1.ERANGEL – Wear dark clothes. Something like a black mandarin coat, or rugged blue jeans. Keep it simple.

2.SANHOK – Hazard suit – the season 3 RP award works great. For non-RP people, I would recommend a green shirt and a trouser of the same colour. No whites, please.

3.MIRAM – Yellow checkered shirt with rugged yellow jeans. It is the best. It is easily available from even soldier’s crate.

4.VIKEN – Anything white works good.

-By Aman Khanna.


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